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Friday, 25 June 2010


My time at the Excess Press has come to an end. It was all very conciliatory in the meeting I had with the owner on Tuesday and I must confess that I had a wave of relief sweep over me as I walked back home that lunchtime. As is always the way when I get involved in the industry things were going through my mind as to why it had ended. The boss told me it was simply due to a re-organisation of the company and in which a young intern would take over my responsibilities as well as run the office. They could go in five days a week whilst I was only able to work two or three days during the same period and it was their dream to be a music pr, a thing that would scare me witless if truth be known so there you go…
I do have to ask the question though, when did music become such an industry? As a music fan I consider myself lucky to have discovered music that speaks to me and suits who I am. Why do we need people to tell us who we should like when we have so much media through which we can discover music by ourselves? Surely in this day and age we can be rely upon our own ears to tell us what we like.
The industry is dying and for that I am more grateful and relieved. Seeing how the plugging business works first hand was a terrifying spectacle – bands forming under force pretences and pretending to be something that they are not, old stars who still battle the demons of their past whilst couch-surfing their way around life, making sure that above all else the journalists and the ‘taste makers’ get whatever it is they want as long as they cover our new hot band.
So all I can say is long live music but lets bring an end to this horrid industry once and for all!

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