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Monday, 20 September 2010


I know it's been a while so apologies for that but been experiencing some computer problems. Any how on with the business of the day.

Had a feeling it was creeping up on us now-ish and was right. Brighton Live is back, but is it going to be any good and are there any bands worth trekking out to see? I had a spare hour this morning so went through and listened to anything that sounded interesting. Here’s what I came up with…

Wednesday (6th October) gets us off to a nice sedate, folky kind of start with:

  • Creaking Chair who play a kind of introspective Nick Drake type folk but with electric sound and Glen Belt who are a trifle unoriginal but their neo-folk indie pop songs sound like good fun play and it’s all at the Bee’s Mouth on Wednesday night

  • Tallulah May plays interesting blues/folk inspired tunes and does it really well and is playing at the Ali-Cats on Wednesday and Friday

Thursday (7th October) looks kind of easy as the only thing I could find was:

  • The Perils who are a pretty damn fine indie/rock band and can be caught at the Brunswick on Thursday

Friday (8th October) looks like a mad rush around town or a bit of decision-making as:

  • Hollywood Assassins are a girl-fronted rock’n’roll band who seem pretty real and play at the Hydrant on Friday

  • Man Ray Sky are just sublime (see that kind of rhymes so maybe I can be a poet?!?) and you should definitely go check them out at The Brunswick on Friday

  • Ramona are a great girl-fronted indie-pop outfit who are, seemingly, destined for big things and play the VIP event at the start of the fest and also for us non-VIPs at the Latest Music Bar on Friday.

  • The Robot Heart are sublime, folk-pop who are appearing at the BBC stage at the Prince Albert on Friday. Go and hear their debut EP Dust and then go see them!

  • The Valentines are top indie-pop types who are fresh from supporting The Libertines so get along to the Prince Albert on Friday if you like the sound of them

Monsters Build Mean Robots are a pretty great post-rock band with slight pop tendencies and they should be seen somewhere if the promoters have the brains to take them off the ‘reserve list’!

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