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Friday, 14 January 2011

It's been months since I posted on here so apologies to my two loyal readers... I've been writing some stuff about life and nonsense on some other website as a columnist which has been alright but I've told everyone about it and still no one has posted a reply. Don't really bother me as I just sometimes need to vent or get things of my mind. I suppose from now on, this will be my own little secret, bar Aaron and Lucy who may occasionally pop in to discover some other random mad posts.

This last few months have been hard what with the government cut-backs and some great music which as you know easily distracts me. Right now, it's the first Best Coast album which is a funny place to start I suppose. I first heard this band back in April last year and they blew me away but then I saw them live and realised they were just a great old-fashioned indie band (what better way to do indie??) in the vein of a pretty stoned Ramones but with girls. Their debut album is great and amongst my favourite of last year - don't ask me what is yet I'm still deciding, maybe by the end of this 2011 I'll have worked it out. There's loads out there that's all I know - Neil Young, Brian Wilson does Gershwin, Beach House, Gaslight Anthemn, where shall I stop.. now, I think, that'll do.

Anyway, what about all this shit the tory coalition are putting us through? All I know is they are fucking with the wrong people this time. A banker who took his company to the point where they have to be taken into part-government control gets a great big bonus and I've still freezing my nuts off after working all the hours I can as it's warmer in the shop than it is in my flat because my housing benefit is currently suspended whilst they re-evaluate my claim... where is the justice!?!? There ain't any... the solution? Bring this bunch of smug c***s down now (I hate using that word and promise it will be the only word I ever censor) is the only solution. Bring this whole system down. There's nothing left to do. Get you and all your friends together and make sure they attend any protests that you can get to... I know I'll try. The warmth of the burning banks should keep me warmer that working at my shop.

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